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And we’ve made all kinds of brands.

Global, check; national, check; local, check. Product introductions, brand creations and refreshes — brands brought back from the dead. Branding strategy, campaigns and communications in all media, traditional and new.  We’ve been there and are happy to tell you the stories and show the scars if you want. Through all that we’ve developed a fairly straightforward way of looking at brands and the best ways to communicate them.

Our branding strategy includes these ideas:

• A brand must be focused and true
• The communication and expression of a brand must be based on truth that comes from the company itself: not something made up that “should work”
• Everything the brand does, says, tries, develops or makes should be consistent with the overall idea behind its existence
• Finding that core idea is the essence of what we do
• Everything else flows from there
• Having fun while working is just better than not

This is Us.


Founding Partner / Creative Director

branding strategy Dom Rella

Founder, creative director and resident wanna-be hipster. Dom’s standards are high, and clients like that. Perhaps it’s his training at Ringling College of Art + Design (no, it’s not a clown college).

Or it maybe it’s his 25+ years in the business, including national branding for Target Film Developing with Qualex, Kodak’s finishing division. Either way, his award-winning work delivers results, of the positive kind. And without the big floppy clown shoes, either.


Dom wishes he were Saul Bass.


No. I wish I were Paul Rand. Or maybe George Clooney. He's so dashing.


Partner / President

branding strategy Rod Brown

Rod is Engine’s partner, president and account director. With more than 25 years experience shaping award-winning, integrated communications for leading national brands like Audi, Sony, Qwest Communications and Gold’s Gym, Rod brings a formidable knowledge and passion for branding. Which means he’s like our spark plug. Or oil filter. Regardless, he’d be a powerful asset to your brand.


PR / Social Media Strategist

Chrissy has worn many hats during her 20-year career — literally and figuratively. Yes, she likes a nice fedora or a well-woven Panama, but more importantly, she’s also an experienced hat-wearer as a PR strategist, digital marketer and press secretary. After 20 years working for local and state leaders, including North Carolina’s first woman governor, Chrissy continues to work for clients who need help talking about their work in meaningful ways.



Senior Copywriter / Strategist

Josh likes to think of himself as a strategist, concepter and copywriter. The rest of us know he’s the guy who asks a lot of questions, writes appropriate words and comes up with some good ideas. He’s been doing it for mumblety-mumble decades, for brands including John Deere, IBM, Mansfield Plumbing and Quintiles. Now he’s ready to pull out his yellow legal pad and start jotting down indecipherable notes on your behalf.


Digital Marketing Specialist

As a digital marketing expert, Jeff has spent his career in leadership roles of high-growth, venture-backed marketing technology start-ups. He specializes in web analytics, SEO, and pay-per-click advertising (PPC). He implements programs that help grow sales and lead generation through online marketing and would provide both project-based assessments and ongoing execution of SEO and PPC services.