From flying squirrels to iron pigs.

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to live and work in Durham, NC.

But as any “Bull Durham” movie fan knows, it certainly helps. Durham is home to the world-famous Durham Bulls baseball team, and its brand is one of the most recognizable in minor league baseball.

Maybe it’s because Engine’s offices overlook the Durham Athletic Park (where the movie was shot), or maybe it’s because no matter the genre, we’re just really into the creativity behind brand visual identity.

Either way, we dig the story behind Brandiose, a couple of guys from California who got their start by sending out 150 letters to minor league ball teams while they were still in college. That was 10+ years ago, and now they not only have dozens of minor league brands to their name — from the Richmond Flying Squirrels to the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs — but rebranded the Cincinnati Reds, too. Theirs is one of those stories that makes you wonder how some people get so lucky.

But let us be the first to say — luck isn’t what creates a good brand. Smart, enduring branding takes skill, talent and insight, and while luck can often land you in the right place at the right time, Jason and Casey deserve credit for figuring out what works for each franchise and going after it.

So if you’re looking for a bit of fun and design inspiration before the World Series starts, check out Brandiose (and here’s a great article about them from in 2015). Especially if you’ve ever wanted to see a baseball team sporting asparagus. Nice work, guys. And you’ve made the list of some of our #favoritethings!

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