We watch a lot of Netflix, so we miss them.

Commercials, that is.

Streaming TV has completely changed the way businesses and organizations advertise. It’s more crucial than ever, if you’re going to spend money on ads, to create something that’s compelling and memorable. And if your ad becomes a product in itself — sought out, shared and talked about — that can be even better.

We’ve been following the bloggers over at AdWeek and Huffington Post as they spotlight some of the year’s new holiday commercials — from the heartwarming to the silly to the downright weird. It’s one time of year we can count on advertisers to produce spots that we actually look forward to seeing.

For example, remember last year’s trampoline-loving boxer dog from British department store John Lewis? Who doesn’t fall in love with those ears and that tongue?

Apparently the holidays bring out the charming, enchanting side of advertisers, because this year has produced a slew of lovely, if often slightly odd, spots that revel in beguiling storylines. And we shouldn’t be surprised that only a few of the best are from the U.S. — our friends abroad are reliably creative folks.

Here are a few of our favorite end-of-year commercials for 2017.

This ad from the UK with singing boxes. Try not to watch this one over and over (but you may have a hard time recycling those smiling boxes from now on!).

We actually took the 18 minutes it takes to watch this mini-movie from the Spanish Lottery about an alien who falls to Earth, on a mission to absorb the human experience, and charms a handsome, kind stranger while she’s at it. And oh yeah, she wins the lottery, too.

Ok, I admit, I’ve got a thing for llamas. But if you ever wondered who could actually use a llama ornament? Now you know.

This spot from German supermarket Penny is a somewhat dark but ultimately hopeful surprise.

And finally, Aldi gives us a train ride, a chance meeting, a love story between two… carrots?

Happy commercial watching! What ads moved you this year?


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