Once something's put in a manilla folder, it's like it never existed.

I’m incapable of filing in the conventional sense. No matter how organized my system, no matter how carefully I write on folders and tabs and color code things, stuff is gone and forgotten once it’s put away.

(Seriously. I nearly forgot I had a passport and was about to embark on getting one until I somehow remembered to check my “filing system.”)

After all, as a designer, I’m a visual person. So it makes sense that I file things with magnets on a sheet metal wall in my office. It solves the finicky and tedious problem of creating file folders and dividers. It simplifies things. It’s either on my wall, or in the trash can. Too many choices make my brain hurt. 

I’m particular about magnets. They have to be strong enough to hold a few things at a time. Woe betide the magnet that can’t hold more than one sheet of paper. They have to be big enough so they can be easily grabbed. And not too decorative or precious. In short, they need to be reliable — like people. Because otherwise, everything’s lost.

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