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Averett University School of Nursing

If a nursing degree is good, then more degree is better, right? Sure. As more and more medical practices prefer nurses to have BSNs (Bachelors of Science in Nursing), the need for even higher degree programs is flourishing. Master of Science in Nursing degree programs are popping up everywhere, no more so than in Virginia, which seems to have more than its share of nursing schools and advanced nursing degree programs. Averett University's School of Nursing is well-regarded, but their launch of a new Masters-level degree offering needed to stand out if it was to have any hope of getting noticed.

The Creative

Standing out in the crowd of nursing schools was vitally important in launching Averett University School of Nursing’s new MSN programs. We created advertising, collateral and sales promotional materials that looked and felt unlike anything else in the market.

The Strategy Behind the Work

Nurses are remarkable people. We found, in meeting with a lot of them, an interesting thing:

Nurses are not made. They are called.

The desire to reach out, to be of help, to uplift and succor is deeply ingrained in those who choose to be nurses. They are simply wired in that way. And those who wish to take it a few steps further, and to achieve Masters degrees, are the cream of the crop. They see these degrees not as a way to make more money (we spoke to nurses who didn’t even really know how much they made), but as a way to increase their capacity to be of more help to more people. To be really great at their calling.