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Two storied employers associations chose to merge: Capital Associated Industries and The Employers Association. Both were trusted and vital partners to businesses in their respective parts of North Carolina. Merged, they would be able to provide even greater advice, training, expertise, and guidance. But first we had to figure out how best to express that in this case one and one made three.

The Creative

To enforce the idea that the new, joined company would be a forceful presence in North Carolina and be able to contribute mightily to business health and development in the state, we named the new company “Catapult.” The accompanying branding and website reflects the energy and passion behind the new direction.

The Strategy Behind the Work

Companies engage with employers associations for a wide variety of reasons, most of them boiling down to “HR concerns.” But EAs offer much more than that, and to be known strictly for HR expertise is inherently limiting. Evidence for this is found in the kinds of companies found in current membership lists: heavy on “traditional” companies in manufacturing or banking; light on software, IT, or other more creative endeavors.

The economy of NC is clearly headed in the “knowledge economy” direction, so the new branding must reflect the ability to think in new ways, to move up and ahead.

It was clear that what had worked in the past would be insufficient in the future, and that the employer association of the future would have to do some very heavy lifting to match the pace of business and innovation that is on the horizon.