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Coldwell Banker Advantage

Real estate is a tough business. The possibilities are endless and so are the pitfalls. It's particularly hard on agents, so turnover is high. And that is hard on real estate companies: they are perpetually recruiting capable agents. CBA came to us to help them stand out in the market, to be recognized for their capacity and innovation, and to attract new agents.

The Creative

We gave CBA a whole new brand based not only in their standing as a major player in the local real estate market, but also based in the way they conduct themselves in their relationships with their agents. They nurture and care for new agents, and carefully develop the careers of more experienced ones. Our new branding for them reflected all of this.

The Strategy Behind the Work

Because of the many facets of the real estate business, we had many people to talk to in establishing a positioning for CBA. Brokers, managers, prospective agents, corporate staff, the owners of the business. What animated all of them was the driving responsibility to do the right thing in any situation.

Getting situated at the right agency is key in finding success in real estate.

Real estate can be ruthless, but it is completely possible to be a tough competitor with high integrity. We found this was attractive to the agents CBA was seeking and really set CBA apart in the marketplace.