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DaVinci Education

When healthcare education software company LCMS+ decided to change its name to DaVinci Education, they themselves needed to become clearer on what their brand was all about in order to do communicate it logically, cleanly and memorably. After all, their software solutions are robust and original. They needed a brand that was, too.

The Creative

We developed a new brand, including logo, trade show materials, sales materials, and PR guidance for DaVinci around some of the iconic imagery by the artist himself. And we also separated the company from the product it sells, naming the software “Leo.” This opened up even more avenues to express the brand and call attention to the highly original and useful software they offer.

The Strategy Behind the Work

DaVinci creates insight out of chaos.

The challenge with marketing practically any software is that software is complicated. The challenge with educational software is that it is a complicated kind of complicated. And the software that runs medical schools? Complicated times three. Or perhaps times four. It’s so easy, when talking about this product, to dive into the details and get…complicated.

We helped focus the discussion on what the benefit of all this deep thought and clever engineering is to customers. Insight. Clarity. From the depths of data overload come hugely useful bubbles of truth and order.

Medical schools have complex curricula and are relentlessly assessed through repeating rounds of accreditation. Getting ready for the process can be a time-consuming, frustrating, soul-crushing nightmare. The idea that a medical school can not only be ready, but perpetually ready and always on top of everything, is truly revolutionary in the industry.