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Durham Public Schools

Ever looked at a bunch of school system logos? They're all the same. Apples, crests, statues and buildings. Durham is not like most cities and neither is the school system. DPS came to us with old branding and a need to inject into their communications the brilliance they find every day in their students.

The Creative

We developed inspirational new branding that truly reflects what DPS does, how they go about it, and the impact it has on the kids and families they touch. The community has embraced it and the faculty, staff and administration at DPS are eagerly rolling it out across all their many touch points in the community.

The Strategy Behind the Work

Durham Public Schools needed to replace their branding with something that more accurately reflected the significant role they play in the life of Durham. The strength of any community can be measured in part by the strength of its school system, and DPS contributes strongly. The brand, however, was tired and misrepresented the vast amount of good DPS was doing.

There’s more here than meets the eye.

A school system has many component parts, and all of them have an opinion. Teachers. Staff. Administration. Principals. The School Board. Parents. The students. We talked to all of them in focus groups, individual meetings and round tables (or “round rooms” surrounded by a huge group of teachers). We found out a few key things:

  • Passion for the mission of DPS.
  • Deep commitment to the children and families of Durham.
  • Decades of service and care.

DPS has the capacity to lift every child. No matter where they come in, most will be better when they come out.