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Durham Tech

Durham Tech has been a Durham institution for over 50 years, providing a great way for kids to get educational basics or for later learners to brush up on skills to improve their lives. It provides a vital service to the community. Unfortunately the branding had grown so stale that it was actually impacting the attitudes of people who worked there.

The Creative

The first thing was a great new logo and tagline.

Then we rolled out a new look and feel in posters, banners, stationery, car magnets, brochures, ads, television spots, online ads, recruiting materials and videos…everything needed to bring this vibrant brand back to itself.

The result? A new sense of pride in the institution. Increasing enrollment. A sense of excitement, newness and growth, campus-wide. Durham Tech, doing great things.

The Strategy Behind The Work

Durham Tech needed some help with branding, and the best part was they knew it. The logo they had was beyond dated, and the overall branding of the institution was inconsistent. Many things needed changing, not the least of which was the way staffers viewed the College.

They’re much cooler than they look at the moment.

We spent a lot of time on campus, talking to students, faculty, staff and administration. We held focus groups. We studied the branding of other community colleges in NC and nationwide. And we came to the conclusions that this college, connected so closely to Durham, was doing some amazing things for the community, and was helping all sorts of people achieve really cool lives.