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Elemental Chocolate

A small chocolatier had a uniquely delicious product and everyone who got a taste absolutely loved them. Problem was, the packaging — little vacuum-sealed bags — was cumbersome for retailers to place on shelves. Sales were poor. But we thought it was more than a packaging problem.

The Creative

We gave the product a new name “Elemental Chocolate”, because it is chocolate in its most elemental form: dark chocolate wrapped around a cocoa bean. We reinforced this in the packaging, using circles and squares in the design, which really made it stand out on the shelf. And we came up with a fun way to engage customers by enclosing one of 21 different affirming messages in each box.


Enter: Engine


This box is where the witty, pointed banter goes.

The Strategy Behind The Work

The client came to us with a packaging problem (retailers having difficulty with little foil packages) and we pointed out that there was another issue: “Chocolate seeds” as the name of the product didn’t shed any light on what was inside. Nobody was buying.

Let’s get back to the basics

Visiting the shops where the product is sold, talking to vendors and watching customers, it was apparent that we needed better visibility and more practicality: the product needed to be easier for a retailer to work with. And the packaging needed to explain more fully what was inside.