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Kadro came to us with clarity on their lack of clarity. They knew they were really good at four things, but didn't know which to lead with. The answer, of course, was none of them.

The Creative

The people Kadro works best with are visionaries. People who can see what they want, the only problem is it often doesn’t actually exist at the moment. That’s where Kadro excels: helping clients expand the boundaries of what is possible to create new opportunities and solutions. Hence our work focused on other visionaries who made the world around them fundamentally different, permanently.

The Strategy Behind the Work

Kadro has four partners with strong opinions on most things, and therefore four viewpoints on what the company should lead with among the four services they offered. Consensus on this point had eluded them. We took them through our workshop process and came to the conclusion in the end that although the four things were somewhat disparate, the thinking behind them, the basic approach, was not.

“We deal best with people who can’t really articulate what they want, they just want it to work.”

Kadro did their best work when an easy, off-the-shelf solution was not available. When new approaches needed to be invented for customers who were basically sketching pictures in the air. Kadro could understand the issues and design and make real-time, actually-functioning software, applications, integrations or website solutions that made those air-pictures reality.