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Laundrymen came to us with a website problem: their site was old, cluttered, and didn't do what it needed to do. Turns out that while they indeed needed a website, what they really needed was an updated brand.

The Creative

So we gave them one. New logo, new tagline, new ads, new social activity, new vans and yes, once we we had everything pointed in the same direction, a new website. All firing away on all cylinders and making the brand hum.

The Strategy Behind the Work

While we are always delighted to jump into a website project, in probing deeper into the reasons Laundrymen came to us,¬†it emerged that while the old site had issues, the larger issue facing them was that their brand was dated and didn’t really reflect the reality of who they are today and how they go about their business.

Maybe the issue actually isn’t JUST the website…

So we started¬†talking to people. To the business owners and to their customers. We dug into the competition and analyzed how they were approaching the market. All of this showed us that Laundrymen had a unique offering and that what they deliver isn’t just laundry: it’s freedom. So that’s what we focused on.