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Meals Plus

Meals Plus makes school nutrition software and had been selling it in a limited geography with some success. Wanting to expand into new areas they needed a new way to tell their story. Most district managers simply buy what the district next door is buying and Meals Plus needed help to break that paradigm. There's not much spark in the cafeteria software category. We gave it some.

The Creative

We wanted to talk about the benefits of Meals Plus software, so we created a visually impactful campaign full of motion and energy to make the point that Meals Plus keeps the lunch line moving and the lunch room trouble-free.

The Strategy Behind The Work

Our research showed us that there was a competitive opportunity. Most of our competition was talking about features. Of cafeteria management software. To lunch ladies. Lunch ladies are not the primary decision-makers, but they are strong influencers over the decisions.

Lunch ladies care a lot more about long lines and spilled milk than about software

We decided to talk benefits. What this software actually did. And what it does is keep those lines moving and gets those kids fed like clockwork. Music to lunch ladies’ ears. They listened, and the districts bought, and 7 years later the campaign is still in use and Meals Plus continues to enjoy record sales.