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VLP Financial Advisors

Founded over 40 years ago, VLP Financial Advisors is a vibrant, growing firm that wanted to re-envision their brand in a way that would help new generation of leadership usher in the next era of their firm. Problem was, their brand looked and sounded like it was created over 40 years ago. More importantly, it didn't reflect the firm's values of empathy, drive, rigor, authenticity and — perhaps surprising for numbers people — delight.

The Creative

After extensive interviews with VLP leadership and with their clients, we determined that their audience is made up of optimistic planners who seek peace of mind and, more tellingly, a fulfilling life. They tend to be positive, joyous, contented people who want to live their best lives. They want to live greater. Which not only made for an excellent tagline, but it inspired VLP’s new logo. We took the “V” in “VLP” and turned on its side to become a stylized greater-than symbol. All the material we created for VLP reflected this. Instead of the expected blues, greens and grays that many financial planning firms use, we created a rich, bold, graphic color palette of deep purple highlighted by complementary oranges and golds.

The Strategy Behind The Work

One of the secrets and differentiators of VLP is, well, the people of VLP. They guide. They anticipate needs. They nurture. They help people grow. They’re wise, judicious, and prudent—which, in today’s frenzied and faddish environment, is hard to find and intensely valuable.

VLP cultivates a fulfilling life.

As we discovered, many of VLP’s clients are people who are “living their best lives.” Their clients want someone ten steps ahead of them peering into the future and helping them make smart decisions. And because finances are inherently emotional, people need clarity. VLP’s focus is not just on results, but rather on helping people be joyous, successful, and content. All we needed to do was channel that.