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WUNC listeners use the station to connect to the world around them and learn about the issues that concern them. Beyond that, though, they use it to just learn stuff: an amazing range of things are covered every day. After we were done creating a new logo for them, we created an ad campaign neatly expressing the range and diversity of topics available to listeners.

The Creative

We created the now-iconic WUNC branding (seen daily on thousands of bumper stickers all over the Triangle) in 2011 when the station updated their branding. They also wanted some advertising that really hammered home the breadth of programming offered on their station.

The Strategy Behind The Work

Everybody who listens to WUNC regularly knows it is a fabulous station with terrific local reporting, arts and political coverage, and a wide range of NPR programming. Indispensable, it is.

But what about everyone who doesn’t listen regularly? What about them?

WUNC asked us to create a bank of ads targeted at people who were infrequent listeners. Who had no idea what was available or what they were missing. We collectively decided that the strategy was to let listeners know that WUNC was not just an NPR station – it also boasts a broad range of its own provocative, diverse and engaging programs. Everything from cars to banjos; food to music. Which gave us an idea.