Rebranding is easy when the product is so spectacular.

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The appreciation of jewelry, it seems, is a visceral experience. Sure, one can use brainpower to analyze the Four Cs when choosing a diamond (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat, plus the Most Important C Of All, Cost), but really, it’s all about how jewelry makes you feel.

Don’t be a schnook — it’s how you feel AND how you look.

Hamilton Hill Jewelry had been making people feel really, really good about themselves for over a decade when they approached Engine for a sparkly new approach to their brand. An intense workshop with customers — plus a competitive analysis of other jewelers, both local and national — revealed that Hamilton Hill had carved an enviable position for themselves. While other jewelry stores talk about service, selection, quality and so on, Hamilton Hill truly focused on the power of great design. It’s evident in the turn-of-the-20th-century reclaimed tobacco warehouse aesthetics of their showroom, their attention to detail in their displays, and their exquisitely curated lineup of designers.

All of which made crafting a new brand for Hamilton Hill that much easier. (Well, it was a lot of hard work, but we like to make things seem sweatless.) By appealing to the heart and the gut, we were able to revitalize their brand and create a campaign that has made people stop and go, “Wow.” (Or something like that.)

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