Really. I actually mean it.

It’s election time, so do the right thing: vote for me.

Go ahead and get educated about the candidates and their positions and parties and priorities, and if you just can’t figure out what to do and think maybe the best option is to just sit this one out, then please, vote for me.

Because I can’t vote.

Quick aside: I once said this to a pair of clients and they immediately looked shocked and then away and then at their shoes. They assumed that my not being able to vote meant I was a convicted felon. I am not a convicted felon.

I am, however, a humble (and very nice!) Canadian. And so can’t vote. Here. Legally.

And sadly, as I permanently left my home and native land when I was yet in my early 20’s, I have only ever voted once in my whole life.

I watch the fascinating politics in this country avidly, and have opinions that I can only bloviate about, but never actually take action on at the ballot box.

So please. Don’t waste this opportunity. Vote for me.

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