Well THAT was something…


Happy to be branding hard.

We are emerging from a month of frenzy. This is a wonderful business filled with moments of blazing epiphany and great flashes of inspiration; it’s also a business where sometimes you just have to put your head down and grind through a pile of branding work.

September was such a month for us. Three of our larger clients had three major events happening (actually, one had three), so in the space of a month we were dealing with an international trade show, a business milestone celebration, the continuing launch of a new brand, a totally new website, all while completing a major strategic exploration including a work session and positioning development.

All work we love to do and that is at the heart of our offering. So while it was a bit of a mountain, we enjoyed it.

So we find ourselves beginning the new month with that “fresh from a workout” feeling: like we worked hard but we’re happy; and satisfied that great things were accomplished. Clients are excited with their new materials, assets were delivered on time and on budget, the quality and integrity of the work was high, and no corners were cut to get there.

On to October we go. Bring it.


Want to see some of the work we’ve accomplished? Check out our portfolio.

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